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On Monday 07 June 2004 5:18 pm, David Faure wrote:
> On Monday 07 June 2004 23:07, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > On Monday 07 June 2004 2:48 pm, David Faure wrote:
> > > On Monday 07 June 2004 20:38, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > > > Much better and smaller name :)  Those changes and I moved the new
> > > > functions into KMainWindow in this new patch.
> > >
> > > You can remove the "TODO modal" ... KEditToolbar _is_ modal (default
> > > value true for modal argument to KDialogBase constructor).
> > > Ah. But you should use exec() instead of show().
> >
> > yes it is modal, but it shouldn't be.  Why should it block the
> > application?
> Because otherwise you need to take care that it won't pop up twice, so you
> need a pointer somewhere and "bring to front" code in case the action
> is activated twice. And worse problem: what if the guiFactory is updated
> meanwhile, due to plugging/unplugging kparts? Then the open kedittoolbar
> will have pointers to deleted actions... This is really a huge nest of
> worms, for very little gain (why would you want to keep the dialog open
> while using the app? it's not like configuring toolbars is something you do
> every 5 minutes). Even "being able to see the changes in the app" is
> possible with the Apply button, so there's really no reason why this dialog
> should not be modal.

Ah, didn't realize there was other ties.  Changed to exec()

Also Added All to the enum.  Other then KNotify (which will be a separate 
patch) I think this is all done, missing anything?

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