[PATCH] KUser and new class KGroup

Sébastien Laoût sebastien.laout at tuxfamily.org
Sun Jun 6 14:34:17 BST 2004

> It's more convenient for (new) KDE hackers. They don't have to search 
> the UNIX API for an appropriate function (on my system there are no man 
> pages for getgrname/getgrid) because they find an appropriate class in 
> the KDE API. They can use C++. The additional overhead is neglible. 
> Bugs in the layer only have to fixed once. Bugs in the usage of the 
> low-level UNIX functions have to be fixed in all spots. Only you have 
> to learn a new API because you already know the low-level UNIX API. New 
> KDE hackers don't have to learn the low-level UNIX API.
> Since we already have a KUser class a corresponding K[User]Group class 
> is the obvious thing any new KDE hacker would look for.
> Regards,
> Ingo

I totaly agree.

As a beginer, and used to KDE API, I never look at UNIX APIs because I
have no need for it !(and I would never think to) !
It's more consistent (and God knows that UNIX lack consistency in regard
of Windows monolitic (and then simple (?)) platform : let teach
VisualBasic programers that QT/KDE is as easy as VB, and more
powerfull... BUT sometimes you have to learn UNIX APIs, sometimes use C
libraries... :-/ ).

And if there is a KUser, I also expect a KGroup class.
And it would allow to add functionalities in the futur.
Such as an icon for the groups (you don't see interest ? Perhapse with
the new extented ACL, new GUIs, proliferation of a lot of new groups,
etc... it could be usefull), or get all users in the group with a well
formed QValueList (with UTF8 ?).
It's just suggestions :-)

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