Calendar of release schedules and events

Martin Köbele martin at
Thu Jun 3 15:02:19 BST 2004


I have the following suggestion:

we could have remote calendar files (ics) containing the release schedules of 
kdepim, kde and however and of the events like aKademy.

Another webpage on would contain the calendar files, for 
each release schedule one file and a seperate file for aKademy and other 
events like linuxtag or whatever.

The ics files could contain a category (like kde_schedule or kdepim_schedule) 
which could be mentioned on the page so people can create that category in 
their korganizer.

One thing to think about is the way to keep the calendar-file with the webpage 
containing the schedule in sync.
I just saw that korganizer has a beautiful export to html plugin. Actually I 
like that exported html-file better than the current layout of the release 

What do you guys think?
I could create some example-ics-files later tonight. 
I would suggest another directory, to keep it clean, for storing the 
ics-files: Something like


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