[Kopete-devel] 3.2 showstopper

Jason Keirstead jason at keirstead.org
Fri Jan 30 18:17:54 GMT 2004

On January 30, 2004 1:19 pm, Rob Kaper wrote:
> I never got his question, hence my "yes?". It's not in my log files either,

Is it in the network debug of Kopete?

Run Kopete from the console and turn on your kdebug levels. If the message 
isn't even shown in the MSN raw debug, then it's a network problem.

On January 30, 2004 1:23 pm, Russell Miller wrote:
> I noticed something similar but I also noticed that an action I could take,
> such as resizing the window or sending a message, would cause the message
> to appear.

If re-sizing the window caused a message to suddenly appear, then it is 
definitely a KHTML bug.


I can tell you I use MSN every day and I have never experienced this...nor is 
there a bug anything like it in BKO.

There's no place like


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