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On Friday 30 January 2004 00:10, Andras Mantia wrote:
> - qtcopy (can someone try to use this paste from history functionality e.g
> in KEdit with Qt 3.2.x ?)
> - klipper: there were some changes in Klipper in the last months. One is
> Waldo's newInstance() fix, the other is made by Lubos regarding the polling
> of the clipboard. If it's not a qtcopy problem, I would guess it's the
> latter one causing the problem. Can this be?

I still don't have a build against Qt 3.2, but a diff shows that in Qt 3.3 
qt_x_user_time is used in qclipboard_x11.cpp and qapplication_x11.cpp where 
qt_x_time was used. Klipper uses the latter, kapplication.cpp uses a mix of 
those, but here qt_x_user_time is not an external variable, but a local one. 
Above the declaration is a comment:
#warning This should be in Qt already, check.
// remove things related to qt_x_user_time that should be in Qt by now 
(l.lunak at

Hm, can this be the cause? I'm lost when it comes to the low-level X11 calls.


PS: I've tried to modify Klipper to use qt_x_user_time, but didn't help.

> Please, if someone has more knowledge about it, look at what can be wrong.
> Andras

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