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Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Jan 28 18:39:45 GMT 2004

Hi Daniel,

your mail is quite terse, I guess that's the reason why there wasn't much 

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 11:03, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Hey dudes,
> I've just been appointed release manager and am looking
> towards a Platform release. I'm in the middle of tying
> up all our xlibs stuff (working out where existing modules are, cleaning
> them up, importing Xpm/Xaw), and making an xlibs release, then we get to
> look towards the fd.o Platform.
> Basically, the platform will contain:

What is the " Platform" ?

> 	* xlibs - our xlibs repository, maintained by Keith/Jim;
> 	* xserver - our X server, maintained by Keith/Jaymz/Eric;
> 	  + probably won't release with first platform

Doesn't X come from ? Or is this Xouvert ? Or yet another X 
software ? 

> 	* Cairo - this thing rocks;

What is it ?

> 	* D-BUS - pretty fundamental, desktop-wise;

Ah yes, D-BUS will probably be a nice thing :-)
But probably not before KDE 4. Or can we support it earlier ?

> 	* intltool - the GNOME folks want to move it anyway;

Something about internationalization ? Does KDE need/can KDE use it ? AFAIK 
i18n works quite good in KDE.

> 	* scrollkeeper - ditto;

What's that ?

So, at least for me to many unknown things to get to excited about the news.
Maybe you can clarify a bit ?

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