Restructuring the Quanta module

Andras Mantia amantia at
Tue Jan 27 20:15:45 GMT 2004

Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> On Tuesday 27 January 2004 10:37, Andras Mantia wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  We thought that for 3.3/4.0 it's time to restructure a little the Quanta
>> module. It's already containing more than one app, so it would make sense
>> to have a real web development module, which would contain (now):
>> - Quanta Plus
>> - Kommander
> Kommander is so cool and so unknown and actually not really
> web-development related IMO. I'd vote for putting it in kdebase or utils
> or devel It definitely needs more publicity.

I don't know. Altough it's a cool application and I would also like to give
it some more publicity and yes, it's not really related to web development,
there is one problem: it's used quite intensively in Quanta, some dialogs
are done as Kommander scripts. Moving it to another package would cause
(runtime) dependencies, which is not a problem in case of Cervisia or even
KFileReplace (if that one is move, as when I finish the standalone version,
might fit better to kdeutils) because they are not critical, but when for
example the Quick Start dialog is not working if kdeutils or whatever is
not installed is a bigger problem. But I'll bring up the issue on our devel
list, to see what they say.
 Another issue is that I don't want to make the existing packages even
bigger and cause problems for the maintainers of those packages. Quanta is
maintained by us, so they are no problem here.


> Bye
> Alex

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