XML Desktop config files (was: Re: Tons of questions. And some patches

Dr. Juergen Pfennig info at j-pfennig.de
Mon Jan 26 20:55:00 GMT 2004

On Monday 26 January 2004 20:43, Thiago Macieira wrote:

> Those files already are UTF-8. There's no need to detect.

Config files? Yes I'have seen it. But think the other direction: somebody 
saving a desktop file under windows. He may have switched his editor to UTF-8 
and now the editor writes a byte order mark. KDE should be able to handle 

> And byte order prefix encoded in UTF-8 is something that is only seen
> with Microsoft Notepad. Text files in Unix environments aren't expected
> to contain them.

But it should not hurt if somebody includes them (as the 1st 3 bytes of a 
file). As far as Notepad is concerned you are wrong. I just checked on a 

- Notepad does it
- Wordpad handles it
- Word 2000 handles it (I have no newer version)
- Frontpage 2000 handles it partially
- Visual Studio 2003 does it nicely.
- The XML parsers handle it.
- I'have seen lots of shareware tools that do it or can handle it.

When you really expect KDE to be seen in the enterprise you will have mixed 
environments. The others have 98% of the desktop market. So it is simply a 
must for KDE to support trivial Microsoft strangenesses like Byte Order Marks 
or CR-LF line terminators. Remember: most of the Microsoft tools that I 
mentioned above do happily read linux files (with LF) and write them back 
with CR-LF! What about the missing 1.8% of the markted that is held by Apple 
- Do they still use CR as a line terminator?


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