An attempt at solving KControl's usability problems..

Maks Orlovich mo002j at
Mon Jan 26 05:49:20 GMT 2004

On Monday 26 January 2004 12:32 am, George Staikos wrote:
>   Some notes:
> > 4) Usually more efficient and faster code.
>    It is not possible for a generator to write more efficient and faster
> code than a human, in particular since a human wrote the generator. 
> Perhaps inexperienced or lazy programmers write less efficient code, but
> this is not a valid argument.

Sure it is, if you extend the concept of a  generator to include an optimizing 
compiler ;-) A program can do a lot more work than a human can w/o making a 
mistake, and do so w/o code/input uglification; it can also solve difficult 
optimization (numeric sense) problems w/far more inputs than can be done by 
hand. There are some nice examples in some advanced compiler textbooks of 
4-line programs that are automatically expanded into 3-page ones with dozens 
of loops with bizzare shapes to get the peak performance. Having said that, 
this is a far cry from 'usually', and takes an insane amount of work. And, 
disclaimer: I didn't read any portion of the thread that preceeded your 
message ;-)

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