An attempt at solving KControl's usability problems..

George Staikos staikos at
Mon Jan 26 05:32:59 GMT 2004

  Some notes:

> 4) Usually more efficient and faster code.

   It is not possible for a generator to write more efficient and faster code 
than a human, in particular since a human wrote the generator.  Perhaps 
inexperienced or lazy programmers write less efficient code, but this is not 
a valid argument.

   Furthermore, it is easier to make "hand tuned" UIs without designer.  That 
being said, I do prefer designer wherever possible.

> "it is important to avoid technical and "scary" terms"

   Sorry, some things are technical.  Allowing people to remain ignorant is 
the wrong approach.  If they don't understand the terms, they probably don't 
need to be there to begin with and therefore will not reasonably change 
things.  Alternatively, they may need to learn the terms, which is 
reasonable.  We even have some things in society for this, namely books and 
school.  If they do understand the terms, they likely want to be there and 
want to do things, and don't want silly non-technical approximations to the 
correct terms.  If this is a real problem, have an "advanced" mode in the 

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