more communication wrt events (was: Re: German events in 2004 - Spring/Summer)

Fabrice Mous fabricemous at
Sun Jan 25 10:26:39 GMT 2004

On Saturday 24 January 2004 13:28, Till Adam wrote:
|  Details should go to kde-events-de or something, I just wanted to signal
| that there is a task force on the case now. ;)

And that's really becoming a problem lately. We have kde-events-us, 
kde-events-benelux an kde-events-de which is really nice and fine, but 
sometimes you see the same discussion happening twice. For example wrt 
merchandising and booth stuff. I am not saying the list of kde-events should 
resurrect but maybe need to agree that sometimes contacting other kde-events 
lists about those things can be good (eg crosspost). 

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