Random wonderings (Was: move klicker to kextragear)

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Sun Jan 25 15:31:49 GMT 2004

On Thursday 22 January 2004 23:46, Aaron Seigo wrote:
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> On January 22, 2004 11:33, Frans Englich wrote:
> > The reason I ask is because I find it hard to figure out what KDE "is",
> > whether it is a "DE-infrastructure with common apps" and/or if it is "a
> > collection of all possible KDE apps".
> personally, I view KDE as having several layers:
> Layer 0: desktop infrastructure (arts, kdelibs, kdebindings, some bits of
> kdebase)
> Layer 1: a desktop environment (kdebase, i18n packages)
> Layer 2: a set of common applications to make KDE immediately useful to the
> bulk of KDE users (some bits of kdebase along with the CVS packages that
> are part of official KDE releases)
> Layer 3: a wide selection of additional applications that are based on KDE
> and affiliated with the KDE project itself, but have their own release
> schedules (koffice, kdevelop, quanta, kdeextragear)
> Layer 4: a galaxy of 3rd party applications (as seen on kde-apps.org,
> freshmeant.net, appsy when it's around, etc)
> Layer 5: compatible and integrated technologies, such as a KDE-ized Open
> Office.

I guess I agree in large parts: The first layer is the technical 
infrastructure, not a complete DE but allows KDE apps to be run. The second 
layer brings a DE which covers basic use for everyone - apps from kdebase, 
basic parts from kdemultimedia, kdegraphics, kdepim, kdenetwork.
On top of that, there is packages for special uses, such as kmusic, kdeadmin 
etc, not ment for everyone but it's there for those users who has specific 

But, in this layout, which we pretty much agrees on(AFAICT), kdeutils most of 
all, doesn't fit in. I find the logic flawed, who wants kdeutils? Those who 
wants a lot of utils? If we had a util package for each package(kdegraphics 
ie.) that would make more sense - somekind of extension to the packages(?). 
But right now it is a extension to the whole of KDE? (for those who in 
"general" needs more functionality? No wonder KDE is big..) I think it is in 
the line of having a package named "kdeprograms" which contains just 
programs, for those who needs "programs".



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