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Alexander Gorlov contacted me and Kurt about developing a testing
framework for KDE.

He wrote a small template document showing the general scheme and
implying also the steps to take to archieve a more formal QA process. I
am including it with his permission on this mail. There is also a PDF
version, but it is a bit big to include here. You can get it at

My take on the subject: The next steps

- Choose one component as a pilot (the developers' willingness to help is
essencial here)
- Fill the reference section (reference specifications and documents)
- Define the specification of testing framework
- Define the test strategies
- Define the test proceadures
- Finding the possible links between KDE current testing framework
(bugzilla) and the new testing framework: how to leverage one from the
other? Also, the khtmltest module is an exsting testing implementation
that should be taken in consideration.

Is there any application / module maintainer who is interested?
Do you think this is something the KDE community should try to do?
Is this something to be coordinated with de distributions, as they also
benefit from this?
What do you think? I am afraid I lack the knowledge to go from here, and
I would like to follow this discussion as an interested volunteer.

Please Cc "Alexander Gorlov" (alexander dot gorlov at mail dot ru) as he
is not subscribed. (Me neither, but I can follow from

  Carlos Leonhard Woelz
  carloswoelz at

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