move klicker to kextragear

Stephan Binner binner at
Tue Jan 20 21:07:16 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 21:08, Waldo Bastian wrote:

> > Since when does kmusic have releases, schedules and freeze periods?
> Instead of asking rhetorical questions, it may be more useful if you tell
> Rusell about how kmusic works, why it doesn't have releases, schedules and
> freeze periods etc. and why klicker would fit in their.

Dunno why, lack of active developers and current applications I suppose.

> but unfortunately it's the first time I have heard about kmusic

You haven't read kde-cvs since 1998? Then you have a lot mail to catch up. :-)

> and you seem to know a lot about it. 

No, and unfortunately your assumption I would doesn't make me knowing.


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