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Mon Jan 19 15:18:03 GMT 2004

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Am Montag, 19. Januar 2004 15:34 schrieb Friedrich W. H. Kossebau:
> > It makes me think if KDE delivers the best possible integration of
> > Gtk/Gnome apps, what is the competitive edge for developers to develop
> > KDE applications any more? If you can reach both DEs with writing a
> > Gtk/Gnome applications, but only one DE with Qt/KDE, you can bet what
> > happens in the future. Think commercial vendors.
> You mean KDE is doomed to repeat what OS/2 did (if I got history
> correctly?)? Offering support for the competitor api and then loosing
> because you did only offer the basic and not all the additional features of
> that other api in your own compatible envorinment (and maybe miss to do
> enough promotion for the own advantages?

Hmm, now that you mention it, there are some parallels. Though on OS/2, MS 
played evil tricks on IBM too keep OS/2 from becoming a strong player. KDE 
*is* already a strong player (in the non MS desktop world). I don't know if 
gnome's existence is to "kill off KDE".

> And we could learn from history (oh, has that ever been done?;) by doing
> the opposite: Offer compatibility with GNOME for KDE! Make KDE apps and
> parts integrate into the GNOME world by writing a QT style that gets the
> skin from a GTK style thingie. And add support for the GTK/GNOME dialogs
> (for the sake of it, uhm). And whatever more is needed.
> What about that?

Indeed, that would be the favourable solution from a developer's point of 
view. Making a kpart-bonobo bridge, gtk dialogs, gtk styles (kde already does 
it), ... What I doubt is that any kde developer is willing to do this, as it 
would mean to work in another environment most of the time. Furthermore, this 
would mean that gnome developers start the initiative to make gnome better 
interoperate with kde. However, I don't know of any such attempts.
> Hehe :)

Quite informative, those thoughts :-)
> Friedrich

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