makefile -f Makefile.cvs aborts with compile_kpilot does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL

Adriaan de Groot adridg at
Sun Jan 18 17:03:37 GMT 2004

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Unai Garro wrote:
> Somebody replied that a few devels did actually test HEAD instead of
> osnabrueck. And everybody seemed to agree that osnabrueck wasn't going to be
> out.

Here, let me draw you a diagram, which applies to the kde-pim module:

      HEAD (er, what was head every day)
       +----+ osnabrueck_branch
       |    |
       |    |
       |    |
       +---------+ KDE_3_2_BRANCH (this is the stable, released stuff)
       |         |
       |    |
       +----+ merge

So we're now left with two branches, just like every other KDE CVS module:
KDE_3_2_BRANCH, which is stable and releas(able), and HEAD. HEAD has just
gotten all the stuff from osnabrueck_branch dumped into it. It's a little
wonky right now.

In general, though, the new policies apply to kdepim HEAD - stability,
compatibility. (And I just saw your "ignore 0.02" message, but decided to
explain anyway).

Because of this somewhat convoluted setup, it's _really_ important to
explain what branch, updated when, you're trying to compile.

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