3.2 issues :(

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Sun Jan 18 15:11:08 GMT 2004

On Sunday 18 January 2004 03:08, Frans Englich wrote:
> >   Sorry, it's a feature that I had it configured to show the date and now
> > it decided that I shouldn't be seeing that date?
> Yes, that's pretty much it. Someone sets a default, at a later date someone
> finds a better default and changes it.

   This is not just changing a default. This is changing a user's concious 

> I understand you want to see the date on your 2560x1024 display but the
> defaults for KDE can't be set solely for developer's setup's. I'm only
> judging your wording:

   Nor can it be set solely on being compatible with equipment that can't even 
be purchased anymore!

> "It's a feature that I had it configured to show the date and now it
> decided that I shouldn't be seeing that date?"
> "has lost track of the fact that I like to see the date along with the
> time."
> Tell me why all KDE users should use defaults which this "I" wants. Looks
> like "developer bellybutton" syndrom to me...

   No, you don't get it.  I, as a user, set a setting.  KDE came along and 
changed it on me because some deity KDE developer decided that his idea for 
that setting was better.  You tell me.......

> > If it is an issue for
> > 800x600 displays, why not only disable it on 800x600 displays and leave
> > it alone on 2560x1024 displays?
> You mean doing a check runtime? What an overkill for such an little thing..
> I don't know how KConfigXT would cope with that. It's for several other
> reasons bad having "dynamic" defaults.

   What about KPersonalizer?  That's a big reason why we have KPersonalizer to 
begin with.

> It is actually not that obvious the date label is wanted. The text is

   It's clearly wanted by me if I set it that way.

> important because you usually only checks the date about twice a day in
> /total/, then you know it. And if you still need to check the date(from the

   You mean -you- only check the date about twice a day in total.

> kicker clock) it's there as tooltip, the date picker, Copy to Clipboard...

    Requiring multiple clicks and mouse movement for something so simple is 

> Tell me why we should show the date, because it's not obvious.

    You don't understand.  I didn't say we have to show the date for everyone.  
I said that disabling the date on a migration path, that is someone updating 
who had the date and now no longer has it, is wrong.  This is "KDE Developer 
X knows better than you about whether or not you should see the date."

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