3.2 issues :(

Dawit A. adawit at kde.org
Sun Jan 18 07:33:57 GMT 2004

On Sunday 18 January 2004 02:10, Frans Englich wrote:
> On Sunday 18 January 2004 08:01, George Staikos wrote:
> >     For some reason in HEAD the kicker clock (don't know when this
> > changed) has lost track of the fact that I like to see the date along
> > with the time.
> Yupp, that's a feature not a bug, some people would say. I changed(with
> consensus on kde-usability) a couple of weeks ago since it was too small
> and cluttered on 800x600 displays. BTW, you have the date as tooltip on
> clock.

Please note that not everyone is subscribed to kde-usability. If you are going 
to take such drastic actions the least and courteous thing to do would be to 
inform the maintainer. If you change any of the code I maintain without some 
discussion, you will definitely hear from me. Willy nilly changes based on 
someone's idea of usability is nonsense. You have no idea at how many of the 
requests and discussions in kde-usability I rolled my eyes and said 
whatever... I keep seeing the same issues being harped on over and over again 
as if they have not already been discussed to death. Instead of wasting time 
with such trivialities if only a fraction of the people in there  could spend 
just a half an hour going over the bug database and cleaning invalid stuff 
out it would be a great help. Oh well, one can always dream...

Dawit A.
"Preach what you practice, practice what you preach"

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