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this one is a good idea:

"Another feature that was present in KDE 3.1, but is worth mentioning, is that 
you can change the wallpaper by dragging a picture file into the monitor in 
the "Background" window. Don't flame me for this if you've known about it for 
ages; I was delighted when I discovered it recently! You can also, by the 
way, drag a picture file from Konqueror onto the Desktop, and KDE will prompt 
you whether you want to move/copy/link it, or Set as Wallpaper! This menu 
pops up only when you've enabled "Show Icons on Desktop". A better behaviour 
would probably be to automatically set the picture as the wallpaper if icons 
on the desktop are disabled. "

Wouldn't even require a string change :) and would be *really* an improvement 
(though I hardly can notice any reason why you wouldn't want to have icons on 
your desktop at all...) for a bug, because without that functionality I would 
think it's a bug. It let's me drag and drop but nothing happens.

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