[NEWPATCH] KConfigXT && $cxxsuffix

Adriaan de Groot adridg at cs.kun.nl
Thu Jan 15 13:09:07 GMT 2004

[Man, do I feel Neil-ish for hammering on this subject like this.]

If ..

1) a user uses the default KDE build system of autotools and am_edit,

2) _and_ has $cxxsuffix set to something other than .cpp (koffice, konqueror, 
kpilot all do that),

3) _and_ wants to use KConfigXT / kconfig_compiler,

he or she is screwed, because kconfig_compiler produces a .cpp file, while 
am_edit builds a Makefile expecting the output to have $cxxsuffix. 

The attached patch to am_edit makes kconfig_compiler respect $cxxsuffix by 
moving the output file. And fixes a typo in a comment.

It is important for this patch to be in 3.2 because otherwise apps with a 
"different" $cxxsuffix cannot use KConfigXT at all in 3.2. Also apps pledged 
to compatibility with 3.2 (kdepim, basically) cannot use it.

Of course, there are two workarounds:

1) Announce that auto* and am_edit are officially deprecated for 3.2 and only 
unsermake use is supported.

2) Announce that all KDE apps must use .cpp as $cxxsuffix and shuffle stuff 
around on the CVS server.

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