Fix klipper applet menu

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Thu Jan 15 10:26:16 GMT 2004


 when Klipper is run as an applet, its menu is broken, e.g. the configure 
entry doesn't do anything. Caused by toplevel.cpp r1.132, which handles the 
applet case in a strange and as far as I can say unnecessarily complicated 
way. And since running Klipper as applet is one of the tricks for smaller 
memory usage and faster KDE startup, I think there are enough users to see 
this bug.

 The attached patch makes the code the same for both cases, only with the 
exception of the quit entry, and also makes the help menu added by r1.132 
show proper data in the applet mode. This also needs the attached KHelpMenu 
patch, since its ctor may get KAboutData passed explicitly, but it doesn't 
use it at all.

 BTW, clearing history doesn't work very well too. But I'm getting lost in 
Klipper when trying to debug this :(.

Lubos Lunak
KDE developer
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Czech Republic
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