One list to bind them all (was; Re: [patch] Fix kpovmodeler compilation)

Russell Miller rmiller at
Wed Jan 14 22:02:14 GMT 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Rob Kaper wrote:

> Why are patches to non-core modules send here and not to appropriate
> sublists, kde-devel and/or kde-cvs? Historically kde-core-devel has been
> about kdelibs/kdebase.
It's a good question, and my guess is that people feel that the people who 
can approve these commits are those on the core team and that they are 
more likely to be paying attention to this list.  (does anyone really read 
kde-devel anymore?)

I really think that the CVS policy as it is is a good start, but needs 
refining for the next release.  Namely, I think people feel intimidated to 
commit things into CVS right now, even if the fixes are obviously 
showstoppers, and they are seeking approval from the cvs admins and 
release people to cover their own rears.  Which, don't get me wrong, is 
understandable.  But perhaps the situation needs to be revisited after 3.2 
is tagged and released.


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