PATCH: kwallet lockup (#65978/#71048)

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon Jan 12 17:17:17 GMT 2004

On Monday 12 January 2004 18:08, Lubos Lunak wrote:

>  I'm afraid GUI not updating is insignificant

it is significant imho. 

>  when compared to crashes or 
> lockups. 

but those crashes or lockups only happen when a qtimer is in the game, right?
we can't block then in local event loops can we?

seems like khtml has to be converted to use the asynchronous api, something 
which I wanted to avoid since  while it might close this problem, it will 
open an extremely huge can of worms inside khtml. I'm really not very 
confident in changing something like this in this phase of the release cycle. 


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