David Leimbach leimy2k at mac.com
Sun Jan 11 21:56:03 GMT 2004

>> If the patches aren't working you should know right away because the
>> code won't compile on your system as all the changes involved using
>> DragonFly specific data structures.
> Indeed.
> Tobias, feel free to send FreeBSD questions|problems to 
> kde at freebsd.org, and
> we will endeavour to maintain that part of the codepath for you. I'll 
> try to
> monitor any changes you make in the !FreeBSD paths, and make the 
> necessary
> changes for FreeBSD. Hopefully Dave will do the same for DragonFly.
That certainly is my goal anyway.  Real life has a tendency to foil my 
plans :).

> I'm not entirely sure that the differences between DragonFly and 
> FreeBSD
> warrant a separate directory, possibly it would be better to tweak the
> configure logic to let DragonFly follow the FreeBSD directory, and make
> conditional changes in there.
> Cheers,
> Andy

The differences will emerge over time.  Right now we are ok faking 
out to be FreeBSD to satisfy the configure process.  We have override 
ports for
helping us do such magic on the FreeBSD ports system as well.

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