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Sun Jan 11 15:45:16 GMT 2004

Clarence Dang wrote:
>On Fri, 9 Jan 2004 08:03 am, Frerich Raabe wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 09:12:49PM +0930, Kevin Gilbert wrote:
>> 4.) There are many little C++ style problems, ... passing constant
>>     values to functions (I saw "void f(const double)" somewhere),
>Hmm, what's wrong with that?

Don't mistake the const *by-value* parameters with the const 
*by-reference* ones. There's nothing wrong with the latter, but the 
former is pretty much useless.

>IMHO it achieves 2 things:
>1. tells the reader of the code that you aren't going to modify the
> local copy of the argument

True, but in by-value parameters, the caller couldn't care less about 
the local copy.

>As a bonus, you get interesting looking functions declarations like:
>    int mystrlen (const char * const s);

'const char*' is ok, but '* const' is unnecessary. Imagine you need, in 
future code, to do s++. If you had declared it '* const', you wouldn't 
be able to. Nor with a 'const double'.

What's worse (and I can't confirm), it seems g++ drops the constness for 
simple by-value parameters in the mangling of functions, so it's easy 
for you to forget about the fact since it won't complain. However, 
other compilers -- maybe other versions of g++ too -- don't, so you get 
compilation errors quite easily.

There was one such recent problem in kopete-devel.

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