New version of Panel Clock applet

Kevin Gilbert kev.gilbert at
Sun Jan 11 12:28:32 GMT 2004

Frerich Raabe wrote:

>I did not want to sound rude, I hope your ego is ok. :-)
>I'm glad somebody actually tackles the clock applet, I think it has been
>a surprisingly big source of grief in the past (given how little code it
>is). FWIW, I also think that the clock applet is a very good start to get
>addicted to KDE. The codebase is small and there's a lot one can do wrong. :-)
>I hope you did not perceive my remarks as harsh or something, it wasn't meant
>that way.
>- Frerich
Hi Frerich,

Your comments where accepted in good humour. (An early 70's Australian 
band "Skyhooks" had a big hit with a song "Ego is a Dirty Word". OK, so 
now I'm showing my age!)

There are _absolutely_ no hard feelings - just a (very) long trail of 
lost ignorance!



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