Benoit Walter b.walter at free.fr
Sat Jan 10 14:25:15 GMT 2004

On Saturday 10 January 2004 13:44, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Samstag 10 Januar 2004 12:44 schrieb Benoit Walter:
> > OK, we have 3 votes (and 1 against). I will apply my patch in the next
> > hours unless there are some new arguments against removal.
> As there is no docu about that feature yet (not even whatitis help) and
> it breaks the layout I'm very much for hiding it. But I'd prefer a #if 0
> solution instead of removing code as it will make it impossible to readd
> without retranslating the strings.
> Greetings, Stephan

I guess the strings will have to be retranslated if we add keyboard 
accelerators (I am not sure, though)... Anyway, I have commited it with the 
"#if 0" solution.
For post 3.2, I have a patch ready to add the feature again and improve the 
dialog to use a vertical layout (it makes it consistent with the background 
module), see screenshot at http://www.avenheim.online.fr/scrnsaver.png


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