proposed change to documentation

Russell Miller rmiller at
Sat Jan 10 05:42:32 GMT 2004

There is a very helpful option - the flag WStyle_ContextHelp can be passed
to the constructor of a QWidget to specify that a context-sensitive help
button is to be placed in the title bar.  This option works in 
KMainWindow.  However, the only place that this is documented is in the 
WidgetFlags-enum documentation on the trolltech website at  I suggest, 
probably not for 3.2, of course - that the documentation be altered to add 
this as a possible flag, and perhaps a pointer to the above URL to show what
other flags may be used.  Something like:

Although WDestructiveClose and WType_TopLevel are the most common options,
there are other flags that may legitimately be passed to KMainWindow, 
as is it a subclass of QWidget. Although you will not need to use most of 
these options except in very unusual circumstances, you may want to use 
WStyle_ContextHelp to place a button in the title bar that is connected to 
the WhatsThis action.  You can see a complete list of the possible flags 
[url above]here[/url].

It's not critical because it can be found eventually, but it'll save a lot 
of research and headaches.

Any reason this shouldn't happen eventually?  Would a wishlist/bug report 
be more appropriate?


Russell Miller
rmiller at	-
Somewhere in the general vicinity of Sioux City, Iowa.

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