KDesktop links

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Sat Jan 10 03:01:53 GMT 2004


I was just going over stuff in preparation for Sunday and noticed this :
1) on kdesktop create a link to some application,
2) in the properties section of that link set both description and 
comment fields,
3) hover over the created icon: popup shows :
a) type,
b) size,
c) modified,
d) owner,
e) permissions.

Enough to say that neither of these makes really any sense for desktop 
links (they will be the same for all in almost all cases). What should 
be shown is of course either the comment or description. 

Also while talking to Danimo he pointed out that also if one sets text 
under icon for an application, sets it back and then changes the system 
defaults, the application won't care and this is semantically flawed 
since there is no "default" action (like for other stuff).


If it is not on fire, it is a software problem.

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