[PATCH] kdebase/kplashml/kcmsplash

Benoit Walter b.walter at free.fr
Fri Jan 9 20:44:28 GMT 2004

On Friday 09 January 2004 21:35, Ravi wrote:
> I could not find a link which says they should be on the edge. Since I am
> the only one who finds these awkward, I'll live with this change.
Well, I think the second version of my patch should be a compromise.

> Please see the button sizes with your patch here:
>  http://www.eleceng.ohio-state.edu/~ravi/kde/kcmsplash1.png
>  http://www.eleceng.ohio-state.edu/~ravi/kde/kcmsplash2.png
> This must be fixed.
You are right. I have fixed it in the new patch.

> Agreed. Once the button size issue is fixed, I'll withdraw my objection.
> That said, I have never liked this layout (which I copied from the now
> defunct theme manager kcm) but have not come up with something better.
> Perhaps some of the people who fixed the clock dialog can be persuaded to
> take a look at this post-3.2.
I wanted to change it more deeply but it would have been impossible because of 
the string freeze. Something more consistent with other kcms would be much 
better IMHO (styles, windecos, etc...), so the patch is only a temporary fix.


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