[PATCH] kdebase/kplashml/kcmsplash

Ravi ravi at kde.org
Fri Jan 9 20:35:41 GMT 2004

On Friday 09 January 2004 02:56 pm, Benoit Walter wrote:
> On Friday 09 January 2004 20:30, Ravi wrote:
> > 1. Having the button under the listbox (in the middle of the dialog in
> > kcmshell) seems very awkward to me. One would expect buttons to be on the
> > edges of any dialog - something like Fitts'law applies here.
> The buttons which perform actions such as add or remove an item should be
> next to the list of items... I don't really see why it should be on the
> edge of the dialog...

I could not find a link which says they should be on the edge. Since I am the 
only one who finds these awkward, I'll live with this change.

> > 2. The buttons should not resize themselves when the dialog is resized.
> > The list box should be resized instead.
> ?? The height of the buttons is fixed and the list box which is resized.
> Have you actually tried the patch? The width is the same for the buttons
> and the listview.

Please see the button sizes with your patch here:
This must be fixed.

> Keeping a too large dialog is a mistake. The screen resolution policy
> should be respected by core applications.
Agreed. Once the button size issue is fixed, I'll withdraw my objection. That 
said, I have never liked this layout (which I copied from the now defunct 
theme manager kcm) but have not come up with something better. Perhaps some 
of the people who fixed the clock dialog can be persuaded to take a look at 
this post-3.2.


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