KDE 3.2 without Xinerama support

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Thu Jan 8 12:43:36 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 07 of January 2004 19:23, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> On Mittwoch Januar 07 2004 18:56, George Staikos wrote:
> >    As of today it has been declared that KDE 3.2 will ship without
> > Xinerama support unless someone fixes it ASAP.  Right now KDE running on
> > Xinerama is completely broken with windows showing up in all the wrong
> > places with the wrong sizes.  I spent quite a bit of my time working on
> > Xinerama support in KDE, including several new features in 3.2. 
> > Meanwhile the basics were completely broken, I believe when kwin_iii was
> > merged in.  I don't have
> Exactly, I still don't get why kwin iii made it into HEAD, with kwin people
> asking questions like "What the hell does Show unmanaged windows on: mean
> in the kcm dialog" (from a cvs commit made by Lubos, I wrote a mail to him
> answering the question but got no reply) I doubt kwin will get usable soon

 So after about 4 months, you suddenly realized that kwin is not usable?

> (and thanks to these sloppy WM specs no other WM works together with KDE).

 I see. So when I'm testing something temporarily with Metacity or FVWM, they 
actually don't work, they're just trying to trick me. Sure, there may be 
possibly a small problem here or there, but that can be fixed if pointed out, 
and anything that has decent support for the spec should work.

> > time to fix it before 3.2 comes out, and probably not even soon after. 
> > If anyone understands kwin_iii, it would really be nice if you could have
> > a look and try to fix placement according to all the configuration
> > options we have.
> So where are the people working on kwin before kwin iii? Can't they help on 
> getting this mess up on par with what we had before?

 I'm not sure where are they now, but I know quite sure where are they not 
now: They're not working on KWin. And if you think working on this "mess" is 
so simple, feel free to try it. You could get somewhat skilled at it after a 
year or two maybe.

> Btw, I still have a local change here fixing desktop icon positioning for
> my TwinView and probably other Xinerama setups as well (without the patch
> it didn't load save icon positions at all).
> Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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