Patch for kabc resources

Bo Thorsen bo at
Tue Jan 6 13:57:39 GMT 2004

This patch fixes a bunch of annoying parts of the kdelibs kabc Resource class. 

- finishes the implementation of the private pointer and moves the 
mAddressBook attribute to it. mAddrMap is not moved, since it's used directly 
by most subclasses

- removes the writeConfig method that just called the superclass method (might 
not be a good idea, since this would make it impossible to introduce writing 
config items later - I need info on wether the existance of this method is by 

- has default implementations of asyncLoad and asyncSave, since the resource 
subclasses I've seen all have this exact implementation. Code duplication is 
bad, so it might as well be in the superclass

- Removes the bogus doOpen and doLoad abstract methods. It does not make sense 
that these have default implementations in the kresources Resource class, and 
then this subclass forces kabc resources to reimplement the same default 

I have tested that it compiles, but I want feedback on wether this should be 
committed or not. It's BIC, but since the resources were not part of 3.1, 
that shouldn't be a problem.


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