[PATCH] Cervisia: error message incorrectly displayed

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Mon Jan 5 23:42:06 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Cervisia incorrectly displays an error message dialog when it's started with a 
path as command line argument and the 'automatic status on open' option is 

How-to reproduce
1. Activate both checkboxes under Configure Cervisia->Status.
2. Start Cervisia and open a working directory.
3. Exit Cervisia again.
4. Open up a Konsole window and change to a different working directory.
5. Now start Cervisia in the Konsole with 'Cervisia .'
6. You should now get an error message saying that you can't change the folder 
while there is a cvs job running.

Cervisia first opened the last open directory. It then started the cvs status 
job which set the hasRunningJob variable to true. Afterwards Cervisia 
processed the command-line arguments and tried to open the actual working 
directory. Since hasRunningJob is true, CervisiaPart::openURL(const KURL&)
showed the error message.

Please review the attached patch. Thanks!

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