[kde-promo] Re: KDE Quality Team implementation

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sun Jan 4 15:18:09 GMT 2004

alex wrote:

> Hello All
> I would like to find a contact person, who is responsible  for system testing of KDE product.
> I have been working in system testing for 4 years.
> I tried to find test documnetaion on KDE site,but to my regret I have not found these ones.
> With Best Regards
> Alexander

Hi Alexander,

KDE is currently using the traditional and proven system of many successful Open Source
development projects. This means, amongst many other things, that users can feed back bug
reports via the publically accessible


However, we want to expand on this and organize KDE Quality Teams (which aim to involve
KDE users and people currently not involved in KDE development)  which should help to make
it even better . There is a discussion going on about how to do it best.  If you want to help,
you should get in touch with Carlos Leonhard Woelz <carloswoelz at map-mail.com>.

I think, the working method of our Quality Teams will probably differ from what you have
used in your previous experience. However, we are very interested in hearing your input and
provide us the help you can.

Thank you,
Kurt Pfeifle

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