KDE Quality Team implementation

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Fri Jan 2 23:52:58 GMT 2004

Carlos Leonhard Woelz wrote:

> The (unreviewed) guide is at www.geocities.com/carloswoelz/guide.html

I will read it over the weekend....

> 2) Accept criticism about the model proposed, and correct the model. Status: 
> No criticism yet
> 3) Port the guide to kde.org format, and implement it as quality.kde.org (what 
> do you think?) TODO

http://quality.kde.org/ is a good idea for the "family".

> 4) Start a new mailing list for the project: kde-quality?


> 5) Some people suggested to start a pilot program to test the program. 

Did they also sugest which one should be it?

> I would 
> like some feedback on that. I don't see many advantages in a pilot program,

If I think of it: we could first collect all those around it who want to
start *now*. Collect some experience together. Make the participants the
first "janitors" for the next stage, where everyone can choose his "pet"

We could aim for the pilot program to be "finished" for KDE-3.2.1. (Don't
know about string freezes here, but I believe it is open then again. Otherwise
we may be able to negotiate a special status with the translator teams? We
could also make the 3.2.1 release dependent on that this pilot program is
complete? Maybe re-adapt the normal timespan for a *.0.0 to a *.0.1release
from 6 weeks to 10 (should we see we need it). Would also make a good
news item for marketing: "KDE is now installing QA Teams". -- "First Proof
of KDE QA Team to come with KDEPrint 3.2.1".

If we take a pilot program, I'd suggest to use "kdeprint":

* it needs some docu update urgently
* it needs the "WhatsThis" help to be finished
* it needs some bugs fixed
* it has a clear-cut scope (?)
* it is of central importance in any enterprise environment setup
* it is widely visible and a very often re-used part of KDE
* successes can be brought about quickly

> and I would like to proceed to the announcement. But if you guys decide to go 
> with a pilot first, it is fine with me.

The more I think about it, the more MHO turns to believe how useful a pilot
app is!

> 6) Announce it widely: we can post it on the dot and submit it to other news 
> sites as a link. Or I volunteer to write an exclusive article based on this 
> paper on a bigger audience news site (OSNews?) to reach a bigger audience, 

I support that!

> and the announcement on the dot would link to this article, the new site and 
> the guide.
> -------
> Cheers,
> Carlos Woelz


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