KDE Quality Team implementation

Carlos Leonhard Woelz carloswoelz at imap-mail.com
Sat Jan 3 18:43:30 GMT 2004

On Saturday 03 January 2004 10:20, LEFEBVRE Herve wrote:
> IMHO, something is missing about quality : testing.
> I spoke about that a year ago with D. Faure, the overall idea was to write
> some testing scripts, for example using the tool from datakonsult, and run
> these testing scenarios each day (or week, or twice a week) using the CVS
> snapshot, and generating error reports.
> I really think that :
> 1st it should be very helpfull for developpers.
> 2nd it will dramatically improve the Ā«professionalism imageĀ»  of KDE
> project.
> Drawbacks :
> 1st it's really a huge work to write testing senarios and maintain them.
> 2nd Datakonsult should be convince to release for free their testing tool
> (at least for KDE project).

OK, let's talk a little more about QA. The idea of the quality team is to do 
stuff, as there is a lot of things to do. Testing is also important, but just 
another task you have to work with, and very specialized.

Also, working with the whole of an application instead of with the specifics 
of the whole has a motivation issue behind: in the late 70s / 80s, when the 
Japanese changed the way factories worked all around the world, with the 
Total Quality Control, the Just in Time, Continuous Revision Process, etc.. 
the world learned from their experience that specialized workers are hard to 
motivate, as they don't see their own importance inside the process, and they 
don 't give feedback about improving processes at all.

Motivating people to do a specialized job like QA for _all KDE_ as volunteers 
is _very hard_. If we can only make them contribute with was is already in 
the guide, I will be very happy.

Don't get me wrong, I all for creating a QA program for KDE, and I will help 
as I can, count on me. I can write tutorials, and do testing work. But it is 
another project. Not the KDE Quality / Janitors. That's why I was afraid to 
use the "Quality" name. Janitors defines better job, but is a no go, as it is 
not friendly and inviting.

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