[kde-promo] Re: KDE Quality Team implementation

Eva Brucherseifer eva at kde.org
Sat Jan 3 13:03:27 GMT 2004

On Saturday 03 January 2004 13:20, LEFEBVRE Herve wrote:
> On Samedi 3 Janvier 2004 00:35, Carlos Leonhard Woelz wrote:
> > www.geocities.com/carloswoelz/proposal.txt
> A KDE quality team is a very good idea.
> I've read the proposal.txt
> IMHO, something is missing about quality : testing.
> I spoke about that a year ago with D. Faure, the overall idea was to write
> some testing scripts, for example using the tool from datakonsult, and run
> these testing scenarios each day (or week, or twice a week) using the CVS
> snapshot, and generating error reports.

Suse implemented a nice thing for their last beta phase, maybe we can learn 
from that. They basically implemented a database with test scenarios as plain 
text descriptions, e.g.

application: kmail
test: accessing huge mailboxes with >1000 messages with imap
description: ....

In the status field people can enter
- wether this works
- a comment field (e.g. to describe, if only a part of the test could be 
- if it not works, which bug report is accociated

As a tester this was a great thing, because you have a structured way to go 
through things. This way you also can maintain a list of features which would 
be showstoppers if they wouldn't work.

Basically this could be integrated into bugs.kde.org... if one did the 
work ;-)


> I really think that :
> 1st it should be very helpfull for developpers.
> 2nd it will dramatically improve the Ā«professionalism imageĀ»  of KDE
> project.
> Drawbacks :
> 1st it's really a huge work to write testing senarios and maintain them.
> 2nd Datakonsult should be convince to release for free their testing tool
> (at least for KDE project).
> Otherwise I 100% agree with the www.geocities.com/carloswoelz/proposal.txt
> RFC.
> It was just my 2 cents about an idea I had a year ago.

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