Reducing the support effort for Indic support in Qt/KDE 3.2

ismail (cartman) donmez ismail.donmez at
Thu Jan 1 19:42:02 GMT 2004

Quoting Shaheed <srhaque at>:

> Hi all,
> As more and more people start to use the new Indic support, I am beginning
> to
> understand that they will come across pages like
> 1-01
> which render with a lot of errors. Some of these errors will result in the 
> drawing of unfilled squares because of "missing" font glyphs. (If you look at
> the source in this case, it seems that the content was generated using MS 
> software and the "Arial Unicode MS" font - that will be true of many pages)

Well I got "Arial Unicode MS" font but I still see squares so actually there is
a Qt and/or Freetype problem....


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