Regarding kpdf

Christophe Devriese oelewapperke at
Thu Jan 1 03:00:10 GMT 2004

On Thursday 01 January 2004 01:56, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 December 2003 22:05, George Staikos wrote:
> >   I agree that it needs to be removed.  I have already asked for it
> > (along with other dead code) to be moved to kdenonbeta but I did not
> > receive a reply.
> For what it's worth I've had a lot of problems with it too.  It's difficult
> to get it to build on an older distro -- much less work.  There are a lot
> of code paths that aren't hit because of ifdef's that don't seem to have
> been tested much that cause problems if you're missing some of the soft
> dependencies.  I'd also prefer to see it moved back to kdenonbeta for 3.2
> and if it's in better shape in a few months discuss bringing it back for
> 3.3...

I'm trying on and off to bring it into shape. Other than the solaris bug I 
don't see anything in the bugzilla ...

Could you submit these bugs ? (and btw does xpdf build better on the old 
platform ?)


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