Suggestion: Make "WhatsThis" 100% complete for next release

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Sat Feb 14 23:52:00 GMT 2004

Josef Weidendorfer wrote:


>>Please tell me one thing. The 3.2 kprinter dialog now has more
>>WhatsThis items than before (but not yet 100% complete). Please
>>take 5 minutes and have a look:
>>--> are they too verbose?
>>--> are there incomprehensible ones included?
> The help of the "properties" button is wrong: It's about changing options 
> regarding the currently selected *printer*, not the print job (I checked 
> this).


But where does the currently printjob go to? To the currently selected printer...

But you are right. Once I change the printer, my settings stick to the
last printer. A user may misunderstand that. It needs clarification.

Thanks for noticing...

> The main reason for this mail was this: Thank's for the tip, that "What's 
> this" is actually useful with kprinter now.

Now imagine it was not just 10% (kaddprinterwizard, kjobviewer,
printmanager etc. are still missing), but 100% complete and
the same for all the base and many of the other KDE apps --
wouldn't that be a very powerful advertising argument for
the next release and a feature on its own to boast. It
definitely means usability improvements...

> I learned some new things about 
> it.


> And I never would have looked up the manual!

That's what I'm saying. 98% of users won't...


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