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Petter E. Stokke gibreel at project23.no
Thu Feb 12 21:14:43 GMT 2004

On Thursday 12 February 2004 21:39, Andreas Pour wrote:
> "Petter E. Stokke" wrote:
> > KMLDonkey has no P2P code, and doesn't link to any P2P code.
> > (In fact, I'm not even sure that Apollon does; my understanding of the
> > giFT architecture is incomplete, but I suspect the libgift dependency
> > only involves the code for interfacing with a remote giFT client. If
> > that is so, Apollon's case becomes even stronger.)
> I am not sure about this either, but if Apollon has some actual network
> code in it, then one might consider carving this out and distributing it
> separately from KDE, and leaving only the GUI in KDE as an option.
> But in the end, since the argument is one of facilitation, I am not sure
> any of this is making a difference.

As Martin pointed out, Apollon is also a pure frontend application, which 
renders this particular debate entirely academic.

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