Suggestion: Make "WhatsThis" 100% complete for next release

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Thu Feb 12 23:43:44 GMT 2004

Daniel Molkentin wrote:

> On Thursday 12 February 2004 22:39, Aaron Seigo wrote:
>>>Also, it would be cool if the documentation could somehow "include" these
>>>help texts. Duplication could thus be avoided.
> QWhatsThis allows hyperlinks, khelpcenter supports juping to subsections. I 
> think that's what we want. Move longer explanations to the docs 

Why? If there are longer ones, they seem to be required. Once you decide
you need help and click the WhatsThis, your workflow is interrupted anyway.
You've consciously decided you need to read up a bit. So if an explanation
takes 100 words instead of 10, so be it. Likely you'll not klick often
on it. And if you leave it alone, it leaves you alone.

See the "kprinter" stuff. Some is relatively long. I bet that 90% of
kde-core wouldn't know most of it by themselves. Once you moved it to
a manual, it were "lost" for 98% of users....

> and leave 
> short ones in WhatsThis. Windows goes one step further and sources the help 
> even for whatsthis,

Windows is really complete on their version of WhatsThis now (they
weren't a few years ago). When there is a "?", there is also an
explanation. In KDE, there is often a "nothing".

> but I don't see how that can be achieved, but I am no 
> expert on that front.
> My 2cents,
>  Daniel

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