missing feedback (Re: [kde-announce] Announcing KDE 3.2)

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Thu Feb 5 22:23:19 GMT 2004

Am Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2004 22:25 schrieb Aaron Seigo:
> On February 5, 2004 13:32, Christian Loose wrote:
> > That's what I find strange. When I attach a patch to the wish the
> > maintainer gets a mail, right? So why do I have to send him the patch
> > again?
> a little thing called reality; i don't pretend to know all the reasons, but
> there's a reason why there are people do little else but bug triage.

Okay, I can understand that.

> [snip - How-To handle patches ]

I wanted to discuss this, because I think its important to give those people 
that provided the patches at least some basic feedback. Even if it's 
something like "don't have time to look at this ATM". We want that they get 
more involved, right? ;-)

IMO a quality/janitor team could definitely help here.

> > > to help that process go better, we could certainly use a few ppl doing
> > > bug triage
> >
> > I wish I had more time besides working on Cervisia. :-(
> Cervisia rocks =) w/out it i would've had a harder time getting some of the
> codeweenies i've worked with in the past to use CVS and desktop Linux.

Thanks! Always great to here some positive reactions. :-)


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