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Thu Aug 19 10:40:38 BST 2004

On Thursday 19 August 2004 11:36, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> 2) For backwards compatibility it is essential to run KDE applications from
> two different KDE major versions in parallel. For that to work all
> information related to plugins, parts and other things that depend on the
> major version of the running KDE application should be stored in versioned
> directories. So share/services should probably become share/kde4/services.
> More difficult is parts information that is currently stored in
> application .desktop files under share/applnk and share/applications. (e.g.
> stuff like X-KDE-Library) that should all be moved out of these
> Application .desktop files and moved to versioned Service .desktop files.

I have the impression that the share/services directory is currently a bit of 
a mess so I think we should make an inventory of the different kinds of 
information currently stored in there, assign subdirectories to each 
different kind of information and decide per subdirectory whether it needs to 
be versioned or not.

On that note, applications store application specific information in there 
(information that is only of interest for one particular application and no 
one else, such as plugins for that application) because KTrader is not able 
to process application specific services installed elsewhere (That's on my 
TODO list :-) Once KTrader is fixed, all such application specific 
information should be moved out of share/services (because it bloats the 
KSycoca database) and placed in an application specific directory instead, 
possibly versioned with the application's ABI-plugin-version

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