.desktop files and freedesktop.org standard

Clarence Dang dang at kde.org
Thu Aug 19 06:15:42 BST 2004


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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 11:52:38 +0200
From: Dries Verachtert <dries at ulyssis.org>
To: Clarence Dang <dang at kde.org>

Please note that the make install of kolourpaint places the desktop file
in /usr/share/applications/kde/ and not in /usr/share/applications which
should be used following the freedesktop standard (so it works in freedesktop
compatible windowmanagers like kde and gnome). Now it only works in kde i

Please also note that the Categories should contain 'Application' within the
desktop file to be freedesktop compatible.


I think both of these issues affect most KDE apps, not just KolourPaint.


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