What Sound System for KDE 4

Matthias Kretz kretz at kde.org
Sun Aug 15 19:18:04 BST 2004

On Saturday 14 August 2004 12:18, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> On the contrary I expect it to be quite simple, it I also expect I am one
> of those who will have to make it happen.

I'd like to help where I can...

> The interface will need a few basic features and the rest will have to be
> configured by KCM-modules provided by the backends themselves.

Yes, but what about MediaPlayer features like inserting effects or doing audio 
Either the backends would implement a function for showing a dialog to 
configure those things or the interface would have to include more complex 
functions like
* insert effect
* getFFT
* getPCM

> I expect something like:
> * Open file.
> * Open decoder on file (also reports if the framework can't handle that
> filetype)
> * Open output-device
> * Open player that connects decoder to output-device
> * press play (or seek, pause and halt also provided by the player).

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