3.3 sound set update

Artemio theman at artemio.net
Sun Aug 15 15:02:35 BST 2004

Dear Scott,

I just updated the 3.3 sound set. As always, it can be found here: 

Here is the changelog:

- Created a new KDE_Beep sound which is now much less ear-annoying and 
moderate-sounding. Despite that this one is pretty okay, and it somewhat is 
alike with the previous KDE beep, I will still be trying to create a better 
sound. (Damn, I never thought creating a good beep sound will be so 
difficult! ;-))

- Changed the string "Dialogue" to "Dialog" in KDE_Dialogue_Appear.ogg and 

- Exchanged the "Window_Open" and "Window_Close" jingles, so that the "Open" 
sound's pitch goes up, and goes down in "Close".

There are several polishments planned for today/tomorrow, I will be releasing 
the very final version on 16th August or maybe in the morning on 17th August.


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