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Stefan Teleman steleman at
Sat Aug 14 19:40:22 BST 2004

Just my 0.02, for what they are worth:

I don't believe that, realistically speaking, any of the commercial 
UN*X vendors (Sun, IBM, HP, to name the ones with the largest market 
share) will ever agree to redesign their kernels. I believe that 
relying on a kernel dependent implementation will essentially shut 
KDE out of any kernel, but those which support such facilities. This 
would probably mean Linux exclusively.

Would this type of requirement be beneficial to KDE in the long run ? 
IMHO, it wouldn't.

I am not trying to start an ideological flamewar. But i am afraid that 
enforcing such a requirement will inevitably degenerate into an 
ideological flamewar, and will open KDE to criticism. And it will 
become extremely difficult to defend KDE against such criticism.

Yes, one could summarily dismiss these commercial implementations as 
being "insanely retarded", or some other moniker. However, i would 
humbly suggest that claming "KDE doesn't support <XYZ> because <XYZ> 
is insanely retarded" doesn't really achieve anything useful, 
short-term, or long-term.




On Saturday 14 August 2004 13:57, George Staikos wrote:
>    Is KDE going to require Linux from now on?

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