ANNOUNCE: HEAD is open for development again

Charles Samuels charles at
Fri Aug 13 22:26:44 BST 2004

On Friday 13 August 2004 2:19 pm, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Huh?  Both JuK and amaroK have backends for GStreamer.  There are a handful
> of KDE apps using the Xine framework directly.  We have a few frontends to
> MPlayer.  (I'm not specifically advocating these here -- just noting their
> presense.)  This of course doesn't count the dozens of non-KDE applications
> using all of the above.

Yes, I was exaggerating a bit.  Just a little bit :)

> Of course this should probably be happening on kde-multimedia.


I'd like the entire KDE team to note that whatever we decide on, it won't be 
pretty. (insert nervous smiley here)


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